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Aerial Stills Production Services

First Class Aerials offers affordable high resolution aerial photography, HD and UHD 4K video. By operating large scale drone sUAS instead of a blimp, mast, or helicopter, we are able to produce stunning views of homes, buildings, events, projects, etc. without the high operating costs.

Specialty Industries

Golf Courses – Golf courses benefit from the unique marketing angles. Architects benefit from getting an up to date aerial view before planning any renovations. Before and after renovation photos are invaluable to your membership.

Construction – Construction companies benefit from documenting sites from the air before, during, and after progress photos. Upcoming projects can be planned from aerial photos, and finished projects can be promoted with high quality aerial photography.

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Dealerships – Automobile dealerships often pay big money for aerial photos of their property; we offer the same high quality photographs at a fraction of the cost.

Real Estate – Real estate companies and agents benefit from the unique perspective achieved utilizing drones. With the amount of commercial and residential properties on the market, a wise real estate company will see the benefits and can stand out with high quality aerial shots.

Roofing & Inspection – Roofing companies and inspectors can benefit from high resolution, up-close roof inspection pictures.
With high-megapixel magazine quality stills, they are being used for everything from real estate, commercial and movie production, action and extreme sports, agricultural mapping, GIS mapping, construction sites and progress, automobile dealerships, golf courses, sporting events, commercial and residential, school and campus events, roofing contractors, land development and survey, accident and insurance investigation, and much more.

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