Why use a drone?

September 10, 2015

UAS’s, commonly known as drones, are growing in popularity.

But there are a couple of tips that every consumer should know about why a drone is a much better choice for your aerial photography & aerial videography…in certain circumstances:

  • Prop wash – The prop wash of a UAS is equivalent to a light breeze.  When flying between tree’s, there might slight movement but it looks very natural.  A helicopter, if it could even fit between the trees puts out a wash that makes many people duck their heads to avoid getting dirt and dust in the eyes.
  • Stability – The stability of the large octocopter platform carrying a gimbal allows the operator the ability
  • Safety – Someone once said to me, “What position will you be in when gravity finally wins?”.  The reality is that gravity is a law for a reason.  Helicopters and drones will have accidents occasionally.  Drone’s don’t carry fuel or oil, so if it were to crash, there would be no explosion – and with a smaller footprint than that of a helicopter, the damage area is limited to a mere 4′.  The safety protocols built in allows for autonomous landing from the take off location in the event of an emergency.

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